Sanskriti is futuristic and has been at the forefront of the recent education reforms and keeping in line with its philosophy of keeping pace with changing times. Introduction of vocational streams provides students various options for pursuing lucrative careers in new areas.

Sanskriti aims to give Vocational courses as it feels the future of every child. We are introducing the new dimension of education through our selected vocational courses. The goal of all education is Knowledge is not complete unless it is applied and used to bring about change both in the individual and the society. Implementation also helps the students understand ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’ so that they can work on restructuring and redesigning the idea to suit the needs of the hour. Students are encouraged to be independent and experience opportunities of success that help define their self-worth and self-esteem.

What are vocational courses?

Vocational education or skilled based education envisions imparting the specific knowledge and skills to the students that will enable them to excel and emerge successfully in real life situation of both work and life. It works towards imparting an education that is holistic, meaningful and skill oriented which instills among the youth a sense of usefulness and responsibility. Vocational courses are an educational discipline that enables individual to acquire skills that are required for a particular trade.

Benefits of studying vocational courses

  • Vocational course provides knowledge of the subjects as well as vocational skills.
  • Vocational courses focus on specialized practical skills.
  • These courses offer insight to requirements of particular types of jobs.
  • Vocational courses provide specialized learning which is an added advantage.
  • There are diversified courses to provide skilled manpower in the organized sector.

Advantages of Vocational Courses

  • Hands on Experience
  • Labor Market outcome
  • Career Minded Education

We are currently offering:

Commerce based Retail
Engineering based Automobile Technology
Health and Para medical based Health care science
Home science based Textile Design and garment Construction
Hospitality and Tourism Based Food Production.
Home science based Textile Design and garment Construction
Hospitality and Tourism Based Food Production.

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