• Spacious -furnished – equipped -ventilated classrooms
  • Modern teaching aids
  • Well equipped Labs with the Latest Computer Systems and Internet Connection
  • Clinic for Immediate Medical Assistance
  • Facilities for Yoga and Meditation
  • Arts and crafts, Dance and Music as a Part of the Regular Curriculum
  • Digital Classrooms
  • French Language from Class II onwards
  • Auditorium
  • Overall Growth Program(OGP) providing many activities like Karate, Chess etc.
  • Organic farming

Edu Netro Meal – Yummy and Nutritious Food

  • Provides Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Milk and Snack.
  • Ingredients used in the food preparation are organically grown. Menu selections ensures balanced  and nutritious diet.

Play Area [Indoor & Outdoor]

Our school has a huge  play ground  within the boundaries of campus, fully equipped and supervised by experience physical trainers.  A carefully programmed regime is followed with aim of the total physical fitness of every student, be it Junior or Senior.


Transport facility is provided to the students . Each bus has GPS for parents to tract the bus and its scheduled arrival. Several pick up points are added for the convenience of students every year.

Art & Craft Room

Arts and crafts for kids are fun for children and the young-at-heart! These art & craft activities cover a wide range of subjects for young artists, and more. These aren’t just arts and crafts for kids, they’re fun for the whole family too when kid crafts something creative.


Sanskriti has always been endeavoring to keep healthy and agile. To help develop confidence, agility, stamina, neuro-muscular co-ordination and reduce stress, and identify the sporting talents at a primordial stage and groom the budding sports talent so that they can realize their full potential, Sanskriti provides expert coaching throughout the year. Exposure is given to the upcoming sports stars by providing them the opportunity to play in different tournaments and competitions at Inter/Intra School State and National Levels. Physical Education is offered as a subject option for class XI & XII. Karate is taught as a part of self-defense curriculum.


The school has a well stocked library which is used by the students and staff. It has a wide range of books for all age groups. All the children are encouraged to cultivate reading habits. A large number of Indian and foreign journals & CD’s, magazines and newspaper are subscribed .New books are added to the library every year.