• Innovative, Trans-disciplinary and Theme Based Curriculum  and integrated with Technology tools
  • Caters to CBSE curriculum.
  • Promotes International standard curriculum up to Grade 5
  • Promotes a balanced approach between academics and Life skills
  • Promotes right blend of latest technology
  • Caters to different learning styles of children
  • Pedagogy includes a combination of Revised Bloom’s taxonomy and
    Multiple Intelligence (MI)  with appropriate mix of latest technology
  • Pedagogy addresses the need of differentiated learning and
    to an extent special needs
  • Competence based approach for teachers


  • Technology enabled pedagogy and delivery, bench marked to International standards based on Sanskriti proprietary pedagogy and patented self driven model “IMAGO


  • Emphasis on connecting concepts to real life with multiple activities
  • Well researched, extensive curriculum on par with the best in the schools.
  • Numeracy and literacy content based on the proven “Singapore Early years program”
  • English is the primary medium of instruction.
  • Environmental Education and Science are taught through project work. This teaching model focuses on development of research and presentation skills among children.


  • 100% Result
  • Co-curricular activities with intensive and competitive training
  • Unbiased ambiance
  • Empathy towards nature , animals and sustainability
  • Edu-nutri meal
  • Working Life Skills
  • OGP (over all growth plan )
    • Developing communication skills
    • Right attitude and discipline
    • Building cultural and interpersonal relationships
    • Celebrating festivals irrespective of  cast and creed
    • Celebrating School Events  – Annual Day, sports Day and Cultural Day
    • Building leadership skills – Student Council Elections