Eco Club

Activities:Rakhi making competition, Making of clay Ganesha idol, Making best out of waste materials, Poster making on Environment Conservation, Community Service with objectives to create awareness amongst students about conserving the environment .They made biodegradable and eco-friendly rakhis and Ganesha idols using clay which dissolve in water as soon as immersed and marine life is protected.By using various waste materials like old newspapers, jute ropes, paper plates, disposable glasses and plastic bottles etc. students made items like paper bags, pen stands, photo frames, flowers and vases.The school conducted “Plant a tree today, make a difference tomorrow” project to educate students, plant trees and improve the surrounding environment.

Literary Club

Activities: Story Telling,Spell Bee,Debate,Elocution,Recitation,Essay Writing with objectives to develop imaginative thinking,public speaking skills,to encourage students to read story books, develop the habit of reading,expand vocabulary,improve communication skills,enhance reading skills,analyze controversies and construct arguments,enhance knowledge and develop written skills.

Cultural Club

Activities:Visit to crafts village,Shilparamam with an objective to experience India’s diverse cultural heritage .
Celebration of Rakhi purnima where our students made biodegradable and eco-friendly rakhis by using various seeds, dry leaves, petals, shells, peacock feathers and papers etc.
Celebration of Janmashtami, where our kindergarten section dressed as Krishna and Radha and danced to the tune of a devotional songs and enjoyed the ceremony of ‘Dahi Handi’ , celebration of Teacher’s Day with events like musical chair and tug of war, Annual Day with lovely performance in the form of ballet on the life of Annamacharya.

Integrity Club

Activities:Celebration of Independance Day by paying homage to the leaders who fought for our country,Onam festival where our students dressed as Keralites reminded us of the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. They talked about Vallamkali, Onakalikal, Pookalam and the grand feast ‘Onasadya’.Celebration of Ramzan where our Muslim students shared their prayers, talked about Sowm, Iftar and Eid al Fitar and finally learnt how to make ‘Sheer Khurma’. Celebration of Christmas with Carol singing and also our students learnt to bake cookies and cakes.Celebration of Republic Day by hoisting flag and singing patriotic songs and also celebration of Vasant panchami by worshipping Goddess Saraswati and offering “Homa”.

Science Club

Activities:Organic Farming where our students learnt about soil composition, plant growth, parts of plants and their functions.Kindergarten children planted different types of seeds and tracked the growth of plants. Visit to Botanical Garden to educate children more about a wide range of plants like medicinal plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, timber tress and aquatic plants.Our students visited Science Express – Biodiversity Special, the longest and most visited science exhibition in India. They enjoyed learning various ways to protect the environment which weredisplayed through various models and videos.Our Students visited the Birla Planetaurium and conducted the Science Exhibition to promote the spirit of enquiry. They came up with creative ideas such as solar cooker, space craft, food pyramid and hydroponics method of growing plants.